Dealer Resources

Drop Ship Program
We now offer drop ship program to our customers (authorized dealers only). Our fulfillment center can handle practically any inventory requirements with no minimum number of units, and can scale seamlessly. We handle all the shipments, saving you time so you can focus on your business. Once you register for an Authorize Dealer account, you will have access to our complete wholesale inventory of scooters. Our fulfillment capabilities are simple. Simply fill out our Authorize Dealer application for review, and you're done. Our company name will not appear with your shipments, your customers will only see your company name on the packing slip without any pricing details.
Replacement Parts
We offer two (2) year replacement part warranty on the frame and deck of our kick scooters and one (1) year replacement part for our trick scooters from the time of purchase. All of our scooters feature components that are replaceable, including the wheels, decks, hand grips, nuts, bolts, etc. Over time, with extended use, wheels and other parts may need to be replaced. Replacement parts are available to authorized dealers only, shipped free of charge via UPS, FedEx, USPS. Please note, our warranty excludes wheels and bearings. Need Parts? click here to request parts. View full warranty information by going to:
Shipping & Handling
We use vendors (your) information when drop shipping orders to it's customers. The packing slip details will have vendors (your) information customized by vendors (your) sales representative when drop shipping orders. All orders ship same day Monday through Friday, excluding weekends and Holidays. Once order ships, we will then provide vendor (you) with tracking details via email and or by vendor (you) logging onto account manager so that vendor (you) may be able to provide same shipment information to it's customers. We may use UPS, FedEx, USPS and or LTL Freight for it's shipments, with all outbound and inbound shipping charges paid by vendor (you) prior to shipment.